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Find Play in Things

You can make a game out of pretty much anything. The key is figuring out a smart way to use the object to spark play and rules to shape that play.

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Design a location-based game that uses physical game components along with built in tablet functionalities.

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Create Competition

Games aren’t all head-to-head competition. Craft new ways to compete in this Gamekit challenge about competitive structures.

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Challenge Packs

Through the Arcade

Explore game design through classic video games.

In this set of game design challenges you will explore classic video games selected from the Museum of the Moving Image’s extensive collection.

Collaboration Through Design

Coming Soon!

The National Center for Literacy Education (NCLE) and Institute of Play have joined forces to bring you a Challenge Pack designed to get teachers collaborating and designing!

The Basics

New to game design? Start with these challenges.

This pack of challenges introduces the key concepts of game design, from game goals to game mechanics.